Our Team

At iDezzine we are thrilled & privileged to give you access to some brilliant minds, from creating your unique branding messages to designing meaningful experiences for your audience that grows your online business.

Ronita Godsi
Ronita GodsiCreative Director, Strategist

I am fully dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, across the globe, realize their potential and achieve success. I have helped hundreds of coaches, speakers, authors and mentors build step by step, direction driven strategies so that they reach more clients and make more money.

As a business strategist and consultant, I help coaches, speakers, authors and mentors who are ready to take their consulting, coaching, speaking business to the next level, and do so in a way that is aligned with their strengths, core values and lifestyle.

Ariella Aslan
Ariella AslanWordsmith

Earning her degree in Bio Chemistry & English Literature, Ariella has a true love & appreciation for the written word.

Mario Boucher
Mario BoucherMarketing Storyteller

Specializing in Writing and Editing using storytelling and marketing experience to power your message and reach your audience.

Yael Beck
Yael BeckWordsmith

Yael specializes in blog, ghost writing, sound-boarding & crafting language for effective branding & messaging.