Who We Are

Our Team

At iDezzine we are thrilled & privileged to give you access to some brilliant minds, from creating your unique branding messages to designing meaningful experiences for your audience that grows your online business.

<strong>Ronita Godsi</strong>
Ronita GodsiCreative Director
Specializing in Graphic Design, Websites, Online Marketing Strategies, unleashing your magnificence & unique gifts.
<strong>Ariella Aslan</strong>
Ariella AslanCreative Copywriter
Specializing in SEO, Copywriting, & Logo Designs. Giving your message a voice while incorporating your uniqueness & individuality.
<strong>Mario Boucher</strong>
Mario BoucherMarketing Storyteller
Specializing in Writing and Editing using storytelling and marketing experience to power your message and reach your audience.
<strong>Yael Beck</strong>
Yael BeckWordsmith
Yael specializes in blog, ghost writing, sound-boarding & crafting language for effective branding & messaging.

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